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Shelby meets her clients where they are in terms of skills and styles but always encourages a steady stream of development and practice.  She does an excellent job adapting to a wide range of experience levels and with a “no skill is too small” attitude, she makes private practice unique and personalized to your needs. Shelby has helped me better connect my physical practice to my spiritual in a more meaningful way.


Shelby’s teaching guides you gently into the depths of yourself. Her energetic and positive approach inspires you to show up for yourself. She places emphasis on proper form and provides modifications for all levels. I especially enjoy the pieces of wisdom Shelby laces into the asanas. It is always a wonderful class that leaves me feeling rejuvenated! 



Shelby has a presence that makes you want to return to her classes. She is very knowledgeable and her flows are good for yogis of all levels! Shelby changed my life by introducing me to yoga. She is a ray of sunshine who teaches yoga in a way that is fun and informative! 


Shelby is the most intuitive, kind and inspiring yoga teacher I have ever had the pleasure to practice with. She is a gentle guide, who actively listens to her students to challenge them towards their growth goals while reminding them to practice patience and self-care. 



 I love practicing Yoga with Yofu Shelby. 
I was intimidated at first, not having done yoga before and not being very flexible. With her easy to follow instruction and calming voice, I truly see the progress i've made since that first class and look forward to furthering my practice with her.




The Joy of Yoga

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