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Specialty Flows & Other Services

Movement is for everyone! 

Yofu is the journey of discovering the best flow for you

Classes available in person or thru zoom


Kung Fu Kardio

AKFA's Kung Fu Kardio classes offer a balance of cardio and stamina building exercises, including the traditional stance sets, blocking sets, breathing sets and Shaolin kicks. Chinese Martial Arts is the complete package for true and lasting results.

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Traditional Ayurvedic Partner Walking Massage

 Ayurvedic walking massage is an ancient technique practiced by Ayurvedics and Siddhas in south India. Massage contributes to good health and elasticity of the muscle fibers and is also a known mood booster. With training, the feet can be taught to be precision instruments for massaging. During walking massage the lymphatic wastes are massaged away. This is a fun and healing bonding experience for two.



Meditation is for everyone. Learn to listen to your own inner voice & let go of the mental chatter from the ego.


Kaula Tantra's Tridosha

Tantra's Tridosha is a restorative yoga practice with a set sequence of seated & reclining postures. Each asana stimulates the flow of prana (lifeforce) throughout the body while guiding the mind into a relaxed, meditative state. The movements are gentle on the joints and tendons yet challenging. This practice challenges the mind to look within and cultivates strength through relaxation.

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Kids Flow

Yoga & Kung Fu courses for kids offer a diverse and engaging way to inspire children to gain control of their own bodies, burn off excess energy and strengthen focus. Customizable for children ages 4-16.


Breath Work & Bandas

Learn blood purifying and stress relieving breath work. Bandhas teachings entail learning to tighten the 4 main energy locks, stimulating the internal organs & nervous system.


Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow classes are a customized balance of standing and seated postures, designed to get your heart rate up, while cultivating strength & flexibility. No two flows are ever the same, and can be more power focused or restorative.

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Special Occasions

Birthdays, bachelorette/ bachelor parties, office team building flows, yoga for dads, make it special with community movement. What better way to celebrate life's special occasions than with health and wellness! 

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