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The path to discovering your truest and most authentic self

In a world where we witness other people’s lives through our phones, it’s hard not to compare ourselves to others. Our competitive natures when directed at others or even towards ourselves come from the ego and are ultimately harmful to the harmony of your reality. Competing with others is to negate your journey and competing with your past-self disregards the present moment. The present is where we should always strive to be.

I encourage you to celebrate your inner weirdo and the uniqueness of others. The beauty within grows from something no one else possesses. Your special brand of self should be loved and cherished, by you and the people you keep close to you. Perfection is an illusion, and kind of boring to be honest. The more we understand and accept ourselves and our flaws, while honoring our strengths, the easier it is to love ourselves as we are. I believe the easiest way to self-discovery is through intentional movements, but there are many paths (meditation, spirituality & more).

When we balance on one leg, we are not truly still. Our stabilizer muscles from ankle to cranium flex and release, to stay balancing. Such is finding balance in life; we must constantly adjust and recalibrate. The minute we stop moving and hold still, is when we fall. We all fall sometimes; yet we owe it to ourselves to continue to rise and grow.

We are at our best when we can focus on the present and not allow the pain of the past and concerns of the future to distract us from what is unfurling right in before (or behind) our eyes. Every new thought makes you different from the you of yesterday. Remember we humans are ever changing and evolving, from our passions to our taste buds, we must allow room for the new and let go of what no longer holds true to who we are becoming. It’s all in the flow.

Whenever I smudge (burn sage), I pray to creator to continue to help me stay on the path to becoming my truest and most authentic self. This is my wish for all of humanity.


Post Pose: Tree Pose

Start in tadasana (mountain pose), feet shoulder width apart, arms relaxed at your sides. Lift from the crown of the head and gaze forward at one drishti point (point of focus). Bring hands to prayer at heart center and shift bodyweight to the left leg. Lift right foot up, until the bottom of the foot rests against the upper left thigh. *Never rest the foot on the knee, knees do not like to be pushed laterally. Repeat opposite side.


Place foot on inside left calf muscle, or leave the ball of the foot on the floor and rest heal above the ankle- work your way up from there, one day at a time.

Further expressions:

Foot can be moved into a half lotus.

Option to raise the arms, grow your tree and take a mudra (symbolic gesture commonly performed with the hands).

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